Breathtaking Photos of Preah Khan Temple in Angkor, Cambodia

Preah Khan is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia, built in the 12th century for King Jayavarman VII to honor his father at northeast of Angkor Thom and just west of the Jayatataka baray, with which it was associated. It was the centre of a substantial organisation, with almost 100,000 officials and servants. The temple is flat in design, with a basic plan of successive rectangular galleries around a Buddhist sanctuary complicated by Hindu satellite temples and numerous later additions. Like the nearby Ta Prohm, Preah Khan has been left largely unrestored, with numerous trees and other vegetation growing among the ruins.

At the the temple, There are so many different parts Khan that you will find something in the best sunshine at any time of the day. The best time for a photo of that enigmatic couple of trees strangling the roof of the eastern gate is the hour between 10.00 and 11.00am.

Here are 20 amazing photos of Preak Khan temple, after you saw its like you visited there directly.

Walking across a bridge to one of the four entrance gates at Preah Khan
Preah-Khan-Entrance by Dean Wickham 1

Headless statues hold onto a Naga on the bridge that crosses the moat surrounding Preah Khan
Preah-Khan-Entrance by Dean Wickham 2

A Naga guards the temple
Preah-Khan-Entrance by Dean Wickham 3

Inside an ancient courtyard at Preah Khan
Preah-Khan-Entrance by Dean Wickham 4

Giant tree roots strangle an ancient stone wall
Preah-Khan-Entrance by Dean Wickham 5

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